Thursday, January 19, 2012

What have we been up to?

Well, being the awesome Mom that I am, I took these pictures before helping him out. Seem's like this is an occurance almost every day this week.

He has been sitting on everything he can, that you really shouldn't sit on. I promise, I was nice once this week, as just this morning he sat in a basket for some toys and was stuck. I almost grabbed my camera but figured he had enough of being "tuck" as he would say.


This Christmas was a lot more fun, than last. McKay is not quite old enough to really open the gifts, but he sure showed a lot of excitment with them.That was the best part, seeing how happy he was. I can't wait for next year. I think the Holidays are much more fun with kids.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year to Me and McKay

We had such a fun new years eve. It's our nephews birthday on the 31st so we always have a fun party for him and to celebrate the new year. I definitely will not be keeping McKay up again until midnight, until he is old enough to handle it. He really did pretty well all night and we thought for sure that he would fall asleep on the way home but he didn't. I should have known that was a start to an awful night. None of us slept that night. I thought he must have just been over stimulated and overly tired to fall asleep, I think he finally fell asleep 5 am and didn't sleep very long. It made for a very long day the next day, and that's when it all started.
Sunday, my sister was speaking in her ward and teaching her lesson in relief society, so I went with my Mom to her ward. I wasn't feeling very well, just really sore everywhere and exhausted. I thought it was for sure that I just needed to get some sleep. Steve stayed home with McKay so that he could get a nap in before our ward started. When I got home, I came home to one very lethargic little boy, and I was feeling quite awful by then too. we all stayed home from our own ward and I went upstairs to take a nap. Before long I was throwing up and running a fever and could barely move. The flu again!? We had just gotten over the flu a few weeks prior. Mckay hadn't been throwing up but had a very high fever and wasn't eating, sleeping or doing anything at all. I knew whatever I had, he had too. As soon as we got McKay to bed on Sunday, horrible pain hit. I could barely breathe. I felt like a knife was ripping through my chest. we contemplated going to the Dr that night, but honestly, it was the first time we got McKay to sleep, we just couldn't wake him up. So I tried to relax and had a blessing, and prayed the pain would go away.Between throwing up blood, and coughing up blood, I was finally able to rest. As soon as I got up Monday morning, Steve took me to the instacare. I was still throwing up blood and The pain was so horrible. They did a chest x-ray and said I had pneumonia but with some antibiotics, I should start feeling better within 48 hours. That was Monday. Today is now Saturday and I am barely feeling like I am not going to die. Since Monday I have had 2 antibiotic IM, 2 IV's of vancomyacin antibiotic, and I am currently taking 3 different oral antibiotics. I spent most of the day at the Dr's and the hospital yesterday, as they thought I might now, on top of the pneumonia, have a pulmonary embolism. Luckily, I didn't. They determined that the pneumonia had just taken up more of my lungs. After going back and forth whether to admit me in the hospital or not, they gave me another IV dose of antibiotics and sent me home, hoping I'll get better this weekend. I can say today, I can tell a difference. I am not coughing up or throwing up blood, and I am not in as much pain, there is improvement. ya! I feel so bad for Steve. He has had to take care of me and a sick baby boy who has a bad cough, isn't eating much still, and very, very fussy. Steve took most of this week off to help me and I am so thankful for him. More than he will ever know. I hope I will never be this sick, ever again.