Thursday, December 31, 2009


3....2....1....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (insert pots and pans banging, and kazoo noise hear)

What? It's too soon?

Ok well hears wishing you a Happy and SAFE New Year anyway!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Why I love January!

We are really looking forward to the new year. We see a lot of big changes a head of us, and hope they all work out. I love goal setting. I love writing our goals down. Personal ones and ones we can accomplish together and then working to achieve them! That is why I love January every year. Although it never last long, I am determined to make it last this year and so is Steve.

I think each year I find myself writing down so many goals to accomplish throughout the year and that is why they don't work out.. I am overwhelming myself with some many things to do and I am not able to focus on them all. This year is the year of health. We are vowing to become a healthier couple in a lot of different ways. I am very excited, and know we can do it especially if we work together and support each other. I have decided to start just month by month and not really focus on the big picture. we will make a goal each month Like " I will lose 6lbs in January" and work towards that. We are not going to look at the total we have to lose we are going to take it month by month and see how we do and make the improvements we need from there. We have a healthy eating and work out plan and we are both super excited to make this happen!

I can't wait to see how we learn and how we change and grow together. It will be a fun adventure for us

Friday, December 18, 2009

Thoughts from the cluttered mind of Katy....

I'm tired...all I want to do is sleep. I have no motivation to even go out anymore. Laying in bed sounds like paradise to me. I need to get out of this funk

It's a hard day today but a good day. Although I lost my brother 8 years ago today I gained a guardian angel at the same time. How many of you can say you are that lucky? yeah, I am blessed

I need to get off this Diet Coke kick... I don't WANT to, but it would be best. I have gotten to the point where I HAVE to have one every morning or I think I will die.. no joke

I love my husband so much!

Will I be a good Mom? I mean really? Maybe that is the reason I haven't been blessed with getting pregnant yet.. because Heavenly Father see's that maybe, I am just not cut out for that job.

Ok, the thought previous to that is stupid! I realize that!! SNAP OUT OF IT KATY!! It will happen... you will be great!

I wonder if I just have it my head that the dogs like to be dressed up...what if they really hate it and I am torturing them? If that is the case.. oh well :) It's worth it to see them lookin' so stylish and adorable.

MMMM.... Dinner with this cute girl! I can't wait!

What if I didn't have fingernails? What would my fingers look like...hmm?

Steve is so good to me, I don't know if I deserve him.

I am upset to find out that Macey's really doesn't have THAT great of deals on grocceries since it is litterally right next to my work. I guess I will start using Smith's again.

I want another Diet Coke

I Love my job, I am so grateful for it

I can't believe it's been 3 years that I have been married. Best 3 years of my life! I am so lucky/blessed. And yes, as you can see from my above comments my husband is on my mind A LOT!

Answering an upwards of A MILLION emails a day can get tiring, but I love my job!

*Ok I will stop, but just so you know I haven't even began to clean my cluttered mind out. There is still so much on my mind. I will save it for another day.*

Friday, December 4, 2009

Sweet Thang!

I am so in love with my new little Niece and I haven't even met her yet! Don't worry everyone, I get to meet her in 10 days!! I can't wait, and I am sure she is super excited too. After all, I will be her FAVORITE Aunt. It's a requirement :) (P.S. Thanks for letting me steal these pics for everyone to see Kim)