Friday, October 28, 2011

5K & 10K

Before I had my foot surgery in August, I had been getting into running again. Well, more like jogging. I did a couple 5K's and loved it. I am slowly getting back into it with working out every day. Mostly doing Zumba. For Thanksgiving this year, Steve, McKay and I, are going to do the Farmington Turkey Leg. It's a 5K and I'm super excited for it. What a great way to prepare for the big dinner you will be having that night. Now we wont have to feel as guilty about what we eat ;)
I received a phone call the other day from my sister in Seattle. She said she was going to fly here in June next year and that she was signing us up for the Wasatch Back Marathon Relay race. I said I'd do it. I have 8 months to train for it... I think that is do-able. There are 3 legs. First leg will run around 6.3 Miles (about a 10K), second leg runs a little over 13 miles. ( half marathon) and the third leg runs around 6.3 miles. So I will be training to do the 10K portion. I am very excited. It's a great goal for me to work towards and I know it will only benefit me, and help me even more on my weight loss journey I've been on. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dinosaur Park

Last week, McKay and I went to the Dinosaur Park in Ogden with some family. It was a lot of fun. First thing McKay did when he saw the dinosaurs was "raarrr" it was cute. He did it several more times, quietly throught the park. I will definetly be going back next summer. He will enjoy it a little more.


McKay loves animals, so on his birthday we went to the Zoo. It was a lot of fun and the animals were very active. His favorite were the Elephants and the Giraffes but if they had dogs there, he would have been glued to watching them. They seem to be his favorite animal right now. I can't get a word in edge wise with that little boy barking all the time. I love it!

McKay turned 1

We had so much fun celebrating McKay's first birthday. I picked an owl theme and I think it turned out cute. Here is the proof

We fall more in love with this boy every day. I couldn't imagine my life without him in it. I have loved watching the cute personality develop over the past year, and I can tell you, he is going to be super funny like his Mom. I can't wait to see all the fun changes this next year brings!