Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from the cutest little bear ever!

Friday, October 22, 2010

See this?
Yea, that's what we call a sleeping baby. We don't see much of that around here anymore. It's more just screaming and crying at the Porter househould. I wish he was more like his Mom, and would realize sleep is a good thing.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

he's here!

McKay made his appearance on my due date, Sunday Oct 3rd at 6:25pm. He weighed 9lbs 10oz and 22inches long. I don't have too much time to blog right now because this adorable, little bundle of joy loves to cry and not sleep very much. So here are a few pictures until I can blog more.

Friday, October 1, 2010

I am still alive, promise!

if you notice on the side of my blog, the countdown for baby to come is 2 days. It would be nice if that really did come true, Im not holding my breath for it though.

I can't believe how quickly 9 months has flown by. Pregnancy has not been the easiest thing by far, but it will be the most rewarding that I have gone through in my life. Everything hard will all be worth it once he is here. I just have to remember that. its been hard to keep that in mind the last couple weeks. I am not sure what's worse; constant sickness throughout almost your whole pregnanacy or the last 2 weeks of being pregnant. I'm ready to be done that's for sure.
On Wednesday we had an ultrasound done to determine size. He is measuring approximately 8.5lbs. give or take half a lb. not a HUGE baby, but definetly if he sits in there until I am induced in 10 days he will probably be at least 9lbs. They said his legs and arms and hand and feet are all measuring super long. No surprise since his Daddy is so tall and I am not sure by any means. The said overall he is measuring in the 90th percentile. My Dr. said that if I said I wanted a C-Section she would do it today for me since he is big. I really don't want that. I want to avoid that at all cost so he will wait... and sit inside me. Just hopefully not too much longer.
The past 3 weeks I have had no progression. With my due date being 2 days away, I know this is common, especially for your first baby but common or not its disappointing to go to the dr. to see nothing is happening. If McKay doesn't decided to come on his own then my induction date is set for 8pm on 10/09 with the plan of him being born on 10/10.
Yes, its a cool birthday but at this point I don't care what day he is born I just want to get him here already. I better learn some patience, right?

Tonight I plan on doing anything and everything to help get this labor started. My sister is taking me out to get a pedicure ( I hear there are pressure points in your feet that can start labor) and it will be relaxing and needed. After we plan on eating the spiciest pizza known to man. Apparently there is a restaurant in Salt Lake that has a spicy pizza that people swear by if you want to go into labor. I also plan on galloping around the neighborhood like a horse.(google says that really works)