Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Being a Mom is a tough job. We don't get sick days and we don't get much time to ourselves. We are never off duty. Our job is 24 ours a day, 7 days a week. It's so easy for us to put everyone elses needs first and forget about our own. Luckily, I have a great husband who is aware of how hard it is sometimes and is always willing to let me have my much needed "mommy break."
Today is one of those days. I had to wake McKay up a little bit early today to go visiting teaching. I thought it would be no big deal. He was very good until the second I got him in the car to go back home. He was screaming so hard that I thought his head was going to pop off. I got home within minutes and he let me have it. He was so mad at me that he hasn't stopped screaming all day long( and I not exageratting one bit) I finally got him to wear himself out that he went to sleep about 10 minutes ago. Maybe a nap will be just what he needed. It sure would help me.

I know everyone says that if you are upset or tense, the baby can sense that and it makes them more upset or tense. On days like today, I just can't help but cry I try to set him down and go to another room when I am upset but I can't always do that. What do you do to help calm yourself down when your baby is screaming at the TOP of their lungs and there is nothing you can do to soothe them? Any advice would be helpful.. probably would have been helpful for me earlier today because I'm about ready to run away.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Before I had McKay I worked. I worked a lot. In fact, this is the first time I have not worked since I was 15 years old. I really do enjoying working, but have loved staying home with McKay these past 4 months. When we made the decision that we were going to try to make it work so I could stay home I decided that I needed to do something still for me, that would help me not go crazy. I decided on service. I don't think there is anything out there that makes me more happy then serving others. I wasn't sure exactly how or what I would do but I knew that once McKay was born, I really need to bring more service into our lives since I wouldn't be working. I would love to attend the temple more, but that really is not much of an option for me. Its hard to find time ( I know, terrible excuse) when I have this little boy to take care of. So, I decided I would use my skills to serve others. I love to cook/bake. It relaxes me. I have made it a personal goal of mine to provide a meal, or a treat, or somethng for a neighbor or a friend at least 2 times a week. Nothing big or fancy, but just something that would help them out. I might as well, I have to make dinner for my family anyways.

I think service is such an important thing. Even if it's something as little as making cookies for your neighbor, just because. But can you do too much? I have started to feel that some people may get annoyed with me offering to help them with things. For me, even just offers of help make me feel better but maybe I am doing too much. I don't know... maybe I am crazy

Recently we decided it would be best for our family to have me work part time again. It would be temporary until we get a few things worked out. I have mixed feelings about it. I have LOVED staying home with McKay. Its been so fun to watch him grow and learn new things, but I have missed working. I was offered a job yesterday with IHC. I would work part-time and it feels right. I know this is what I am supposed to do. So maybe this is the solution to my feelings about serving people "too much" Now that I am will be working, I might not have as much time. We'll see how it goes

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

If McKay could talk, he would probably be singing the primary song " I'm so glad when Daddy comes home" I don't think anything makes this little boy happier, than seeing his Daddy. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my two favorite boys, smiling together