Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Can we please fast forward to Monday?

Alright, I am so STOKED for Monday. That is very rare of me to say, but this one is oh so special. That's right, its time for the new season of The Bachelor!!! Which also means girls night EVERY MONDAY!!! Wahoo! Thanks to Caity for making it happen of course. This Bachelor is very special to me. haha that sounds cheesy. Well, its the guy that I desperately wanted to win Deanna's heart and she threw him to the sharks instead.

And I know I'm lame, cause well I pretty much LOVE T.V but The Biggest Looser, One Tree Hill, and Gossip Girls all start on that night as well.Oh and Momma's Boy's is a new one that is on, on Mondays. I dont know how I am going to manage watching them all but I can't wait. AHHH!! if you can't get a hold of me on Monday's you now know why!

P.S HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope this year is fantastic for you all!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ronald McDonald House

We had the opportunity today to serve people in need. We went with my sister and her family and my Mom to the Ronald McDonald House downtown.
The Ronald McDonald House is a home for forty-five families each night. . .a place where they can break away from the hospital, yet be available at a moment’s notice. . .or a place where children being treated as out-patients can live with their parents, brothers and sisters. Just as important, it is a place where parents can meet and talk with other families who are experiencing some of the same fears and concerns, and establish a mutual support system so critically needed at this time. Whey family has to travel far for medical reasons, this is a place where they can stay for free to stay close to their loved one in the hospital. Because it's free for them, it helps to take a little stress off their shoulders.

There are a lot of volunteer opportunites there,but what my family chose to do was make dinner for the families that were staying there. This consisted of us bringing our own food items to prepare the meal, then preparing it there for them. We made spaghetti and meatballs with salad and french bread. It was really neat to see the differnt families there and see how greatful they were to us for the warm meal we had prepared. Here are a few pictues of us making the dinner.

"Regardless of other circumstances, you have spiritual freedom. Use it to choose your attitude. Use it to reach out and serve others in love." unknown

I am so greatful for the chance I have to serve others. I was having a horrible day and was actually contemplating cancelling this and not going. I am so glad I Chose not to do that, that I realized how important this was for the people who were counting on us tonight. It certainly took my mind off my problems when I saw all he familes there. I knew it wasn't where they wanted to be and I knew that there are so many other people out there going through much more than I am. I'm thankful for the challenges in my life and that I can choose my attitude and learn from my trials.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hello out there!

Hello? It's me! Yeah, Katy. I know, its been a long time. So caution as this post will have a lot of info in it they may or may not be boring to you all.

Alright, so I never posted about the activities Steve planned for our 2 year anniversary. We woke up that morning and while I was making Stuffed French Toast for us, Steve left somewhere. He came back with BEAUTIFUL roses!
I am one lucky lady.
We then got ready for the day and headed out to Gateway where we saw Twighlight.
I really liked it. I mean, it was pretty cheesy but it was a lot better than I thought it was going to be, and Steve seemed to enjoy it too. After the movie, Steve surprised me and we went to Build-a-Bear. We made a cute little dog that looks like our dog Tucker. Steve recorded a cute saying for it for me to keep forever. So adorable. After we drove to Syracuse and ate at our FAVORITE chinesse restaurant Dragon Hill and headed off to see Voicemale in concert in Ogden. It was such a fun day. I couldnt have imagined anything better.

So, the first REAL big snow storm of the winter was I think lets see...maybe 3 saturdays ago and me and Steve got the idea of making a Snowman. We got all suited up and tried and tried and failed. The snow just wouldnt stay packed together. This is the best we could do.

It's Frosty the Mini Snowman. Not our proudest moment. We are determined though to make one this year. So I hope we get more snow. Wow, did I just say that? I hate snow.. Lets just say I hope we get enough just to make a snowman then it can all stop and go away. Here are a few more picture of us playing in the snow.

Monday night we had some good friends/neighbors over for dinner and to make gingerbread houses. It was a lot of fun. Emily and Devan are a great couple and I think professional at this gingerbread making thing. If we had known maybe we would have at least practiced. Ours looked like a 3 year old made it. It was so much fun though.

Emily and Devan making their house

And their finished product

Me and Steve

And our finished product

We bought the gingerbread house kits from Costco. I definetly recomended that. It saved us money and had everything in the kit for s all for 10$. I think I will do that every year from now on.

Well, it's almost Christmas. I can't believe how quickly
it came and that it goes by just as quickly. Im excited for next year and the fun and new adventures it brings us. May you all have a fabulous Christmas!! I hope you are all blessed to get to spend it with your family, as I am.


Thursday, December 18, 2008


On this day especially, I am so greatful for memories!

One of my favorite memories I have about my brother is "Pooper Man" haha it make's me laugh just thinking about it. So, if any of you knew my brother, you know he had a great imagination. One thing he LOVED to imagine was being a super hero. Any kind really. Well, one day he found some brown fabric in our garage and decided to make that a cape. Being the boy that he is, he then decided his name would be "Pooper Man." He would stand at the top of the stairs and pretend to fly down them while shouting "I am Pooper Man." Everytime I see brown fabric I think of him. Thanks for being my super hero Spencer!!

My brother and I were 2 years apart. So when I was a Sophmore in high school, he was a senior. Growing up we were never really that close. We argued all the time, like typical brothers and sisters. I remember the day that it all changed. I was half way through my first year of high school. There was a boy who really liked me, and was trying ANYTHING to get me to date him. I really just was not interested in him and I had a boyfriend already. Well, this boy decided that because he couldn't have his way he would do what he could to make my life miserable. He happend to have seminary the same time and teacher as my brother, but this boy didn't realize that my brother was in his class. He started spreading horrible rumors about me and my brother overheard amd cmpletely stuck up for me. I don't know what was said by my brother but I do know that, that boy left me alone from then on. I was so greatful that I had a big brother to watch out for me! From then on, I tried my best to become better friends with him and have a better realtionship with him.

My brother was the funniest man I ever met! Seriously! He was hillarious! I remember taking a trip to yellowstone with my family one year. I think I was around 11 years old. We stayed in a litle cabin with no T.V and us kids got pretty bored, very easily with no T.V. Well, lucky us that we have a brother/son that could memorize and ENTIRE movie, word for word after watching it just once. He perfromed Ace Ventura when Nature Calls our first night in that cabin. We laughed hysterically all night and he did it perfectly. Probably better than actually watching the movie.

Spencer had a fantastic voice. He was in every honor choir throughout school, including madrigals. I remember I think it was his Junior year, he had to sing a solo at their annual Christmas Concert. He sang "I'm gettin' nothing for Christmas." he sounded great, but he did mess up. I remember watching him as he messed up and he tried so hard not to be embaressed and just carry on. I know he was feeling very bad though. He got through the end of the song and the entire congregation gave him a standing ovation. I was so proud of him!

I remember right before he left on his mission I was never closer to him. I considered him one of my best friends. I loved spending time with him, and just talking to him about my "boy" problems and other high school drama. I knew he would understand. Watching him leave on his mission was an incredibly hard thing to do, but I was so proud that he made the choice to sereve the Lord. Even if I had known that he wasn't going to be returning back to us when his 2 years was finished I still would have supported him in going on his mission. At least I know that he passed away while serving the Lord. It is so great to know that he is in the Celestial Kingdom. Waiting there... rooting for the rest of us to make it back there. I love knowing that I have my very own guardian angel watching over me and my family daily! We love and miss you so much Spencer! I can't wait to see you again, luckily Families are Forever!! Happy Heaven day!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

2 Years

Today we celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary. This has been the best two years of my life. I am so blessed to be able to share it with an amazing husband and best friend. We have been through some good times and some bad yet he continues to stand by my side through it all. I was sitting with my Mom at lunch a week ago and we were talking about my upcoming anniversary. She asked me if I was still happy with the decision I made to get married. I started crying of course, tears of joy. "I couldn't be happier" was my response. I have the most patient, thoughtful, self-less husband in the world. How could I not be happy. I find myself falling more and more in love with him every single day and I know my love will just continue to grow for the rest of our lives and eternity. Steve is a fantastic husband and I know he will make a great father someday as well! I could go on and on about Steve but I think you all get what Im trying to say, which is..... I love you Steve! Thank you for taking care of me and for standing by me throughout of marriage. I can't wait to see what the next years to come have in store for us!!!

Here are some Highlights from the past 2 years

1. The number one thing we are proud to say we accomplished is gettng out of debt (except for the neccesary car and now student loan) and purchasing our first home. We love it here in North Salt Lake. I don't ever want to leave. We worked so hard to get to where we are today, especially Steve. Without him this house would not be possible.

2. Getting our puppy Tucker. Although at first I was hesitant and it was hard for the 1st year I cant imagine my life now without him. I guess you could say I kinda treat him like a child. He is my "cute cuddly boy" and Im so glad he is there to keep me company on the nights Steve is at school.. so every night :)

3. So third would have to be getting our second puppy Lacey. I was very hesitant on this one. More than Tucker. Just because of how hard Tucker was as a puppy I didnt think I could handle 2 dogs. What a blessing she was. She is the sweetest dog. So cute! She immediately calmed Tucker down and I am so thankful for that and now Tucker has a best friend to play with every day while we are at work.

4. Purchasing a new car, It was so nice that we were in the position that we needed a new car and were able to get one. It was going to cost so much money just to fix my old one.. we (when I say we, I mean our great friend Dirk) had already put a lot of work and money into it, we just didn't see how we could continue to do that. So purchasing this new car was a huge blessing. So far no problems!! Thanks for running strong for us "Maggie the Malbu"

5. Having both our families live close to us is a huge highlight. Many people don't get that opportunity and we are so glad we do. I am so greatful for all they have done for us. Steve's Mom and Dad being there for us during his surgery.. helping us out. Alyways calling to check on me wheneve I am sick.. which is often if you know me at all. All his sisters are so cute as well...They never fail at making you feel loved and welcome. I couldnt ask for a better family to be married into.
My family has been an amazing support as well. There isn't a single time that my Mom hasn't been there for me when I am going through a hard time physcially or emotionally. She has her own things to deal with but always puts me first. what an amazing Mom. And my sisters...especially you Shannon. You are my Rock! You have raised such an cute, righteous family. You are such an amazing example to me. Thank you for being my shoulder to cry on as well. All of our highlights couldn't of happened without the support of our families.

I am so very excited for this next year and the years to come. I can't wait to see what is in store for us.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Just a few Christmas ideas

Just when you thought you had it all!!

Tagged..Christmas Style

I've been Tagged - Christmas style

"On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me..."

1. embarrassing moment:I don't get embaressed very easily, I can't think of anything right now.. although Im sure a few of you would be able to think of a few for me.

2. best friends: Steve and Mom

3. things you buy regularly: Milk, Gas and Eggs

4. places you want to go (and might actually REALLY go): New York, Cruise, Seattle WA and St. George

5. goals for the upcoming year (that you might actually do): Loose weight, Scrapbook more, learn a new hobby, paint our bedroom and learn to drive a stick shift ( I couldnt think of anything else)

6. things most people don't know about you: 1.I love to cook and try new things 2. Most of the new people in my life don't know how much I LOVE to sing!! 3. I HATE doing laundry more than anything else. 4. I can play the piano... have been playing since I was about 8 or so. 5. I can't stand the sound of wood pencils writing and styro foam, it gives me a lot of anxiety to hear those two things. 6. My big toes are permanatly broken.. its a Hereditary thing.

7. things you would never say: 1. "No, you can't do my Laundry for me!" 2. "I don't like cake" 3. "Please don't deposit One Million dollars into my checking accout"
4. "NO, I dont need you to pay off our student loans" 5."I hate laughing" 6. "Steve is way too short" 7."Im unhappy with where my life has taken me"

8. things you love about the Christmas season: 1. Gingerbread houses 2. Temple Square lights 3. Our Christmas tree 4.Christmas Caroling 5. Hot Chocolate and Gingerbread cookies 6.Family get-togethers 7.Christmas Concerts 8. Steve gets 2 weeks off from school.

9. things you say to your kids: Well, I don't have any yet but If I did I might say
1."Because I said so" I love that saying 2. "I have the most adorable kids ever"
3. "Toilet paper is the only thing you should be putting in the toilet" 4. "Read my lips, I LOVE YOU" 5. "Don't grow up" 6. "Always say your prayers" 7. "Don't forget to laugh everyday" 8. "Never say Never" 9. I can't should not be a word in your vocabulary"

10. things you do a lot: 1. Talk 2. Watch TV 3.make up my own recipes 4. Sing 5. Laugh 7. Clean 8.chew gum 9. bite my nails 10. pray

11. things you would rather not live without: 1.Steve 2. Mom and family 3. Cake
4. Flip FLops 5. water 6. My car 7.Steve...again 8.Gum 9.all my adorable Nieces and Nephews 10. music 11. The Gospel

12. people to tag: Oh boy, well lets just say everyone on my friends list that wants to do it :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our Tree

I think my favorite part of Christmas is the Christmas Tree. I HATE puting it up every year, but I love seeing the end result. Luckily this is the 3rd year where I didn't have to put it up myself Steve did it, and he did a fabulous job I must say. Its too bad that its not acceptable to keep the tree up all year round. I say that for 2 reasons. 1 because its so pretty and 2 because its a pain in the but to put up and take down. Maybe one day society will see it necessary to keep it all year round.

Notice the presents under the tree? Yep, that's me being some what organized this year. And to think, I didnt have to go to one store for those presents. I bought them all from the comfort of my home. Yay for the internet!! We only have a few more gifts to buy and that is exciting news!!

As I decorate my house I keep thinking back on this time last year. We were living at my Mom's house waiting anxiously for our house to get finished, thinking about how fun our first Christmas would be here. It has been so much fun creating memories and new traditions and I can't wait for the years to come.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's Over!

This 4 day weekend started out fantastic. My Mom was out of town so we didnt have a big Thanksgiving to plan for since we did Steve's family last Saturday. Well, we slept in on Thursday which was wonderful! We then went to breakfast and then saw the new movie Four Christmas's where we laughed so hard that it hurt. It was a great movie. I would definetly recomend it. After the movie we headed home to grab a couple things, then headed out to my sister's house for a small get together where we ate a lot and enjoyed the company very much.

It's so sad, this long weekend is almost officially over. I can't believe it. I wish it would never end. Steve and I have had a great time just relaxing together. It's been so nice!! So far ths weekend we have watched The Sisterhood of the Traveling pants 2, Hancock, Alvin and the Chipmunks, The Holiday, Shrek the 3rd, part of Lord of the Rings, Elf and I think a couple more. We LOVE LOVE LOVE watching movies. It's something we have always loved doing together, but as of late our movies have been collecting dust. Just haven't had any time to watch them. The funny thing is, they are still collecting dust. We have so many movies yet we decided to just watch ones on TV and rent a couple. I don't know why we do that. I will just have to give the movies we own some love sometime during this week.

Well, our Christmas tree is up. Our stockings are hung and the Christmas cheer, well, is kind of here. Oh, and the dog is dressed...

I swore I would never be someone who dressed up their dog. But when we saw this Pink Polo we just could not resist. She doesn't look to happy in it, but she really
doesnt seem to mind it. We just had to try it on her and take a picture. I don't think we are really going to have her wear it around all the time. Just for special occasions ;)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Early Christmas Present

Last Wednesday my phone stoped working, and Katy has already been using a cheapo pre-paid phone for over a month. So I decided to call T-Mobile, not expecting any sympathy as I've always hated their customer service in the past and with our contract soon expiring, I was already entertaining the thought of switching over to Sprint or Verizon and figured this would be the last straw if they couldn't do anything for me today. To my surprise I had a totally different experience this time. Maybe because it was black Friday, or maybe T-Mobile suddenly became concerned with making people happy, but either way we both came away with new phones for early Christmas presents. We'd planned on it being for our Birthday's in March, but conveniently our phones couldn't make it. Bah humbug!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

This and That...

Ok, so its obviously been a while since I updated my blog. First, my biggest news. I have been doing this crazy hard diet for 2 weeks. I lost 12 lbs in those 2 weeks. I am so excited about that! I worked really hard these past 2 weeks and was so glad to see that number.

Last weekend I had a girls weekend with my Mom, sister Shannon and 3 of her girls. We went to Disney on Ice and then to Iggys for dinner after. I had never seen Disney on Ice before and had a lot more fun than I expected. I would definetly go again! Here are a few pictures of that fun day.

Let's see, what else has happend? Oh, my sister is having her 5th child. She has 4 girls right now and just found out she is having a BOY!!! we are so excied to have a little boy coming to our family! Im sure he will be so cute! They have always had the name Noah pciked out. So, Im pretty sure that is what his name will be.

Today we are having Thanksgiving dinner with Steve's family. Due to some members of his family being gone on actual Thanksgiving they thought it best to do it early. Im really excited to see them all. Its been so long since I have seen any of them. With Steve in school all the time, we dont get around to seeing much of anyone. So this should be a lot fun!

The best news of all is that I will get to spend an entire weekend with Steve. NO HOMEWORK for him Im thrilled. We watched Baby Mamma last night together and plan to get as many movies as we can in this weekend before he has to start up again on Monday with new classes.

Happy Saturday!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Approaching 2 years

So it has been almost 2 years since Steve and I got married. Therefore, I feel it a good time to reflect on marriage and relationships, with reference to my own experiences. I know 2 years isn't very long, but it has been an important 2 years in terms of new experiences and emotions, and in terms of learning how to live with another person without driving them mad (although I'm not sure I have actually achieved this yet!).

When Steve and started dating, I remember being quite scared of being in a committed relationship. I do sympathise with men who get scared about this sort of thing (but only to a certain extent). I suppose some of the fear came from selfishness, because, if I was going to do it properly and be a good other half, I was going to have to think about another person all the time. Not in the sense of being daydreamy about them, but in the practical sense of planning how I would spend my time etc. The other part of the fear came from the little voice in my head that was saying 'what if it all goes wrong? What if we fall out and we can't be friends anymore? What if he ends up thinking what all the other men have in my life? That I am not good enough?

It did not take long at all from when we met to achieveing the status of "dating" "bf/gf" and and from there, the engagement came quickly because we knew we were the ones we wanted to spend the rest of our lives and eternity with. Through the engagement we began to learn more and more about eachother. Its was a great experience but I do not ever want to go through it again. Im happy to have it over with and to have moved on to marriage.

I have all my weird ways and moods that he has to contend with, but somehow (often to my surprise!) it works. I dont know how he does it. I am almost constantly amazed at Steves tolerance and patience with me as we continue to learn and grow from our wonderful new life.

In conclusion, marriage is an amazingly awesome journey and every joy and every challenge that comes with it is every bit worth it. Sorry for the long post, congratulations if you got to the end.

If Only

If only I was a creative person. Christmas is right around the corner (I absolutely hate saying that) and I have no clue what to get anyone. If I were like my sister I would find something personal and creative to make for everyone. But I am not that way at all and I'm kinda stressing about pleasing everyone. So if any of you have ideas of gifts to give feel free to send them my way :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Big Brother!!

It's my brother's birtday today! For those of you who don't know, my brother passed away almost 7 years ago. Still feels like just yesterday though when we got the news. Its his birthday today. Every year I spend this day feeling sad. Sad that I can't be with him to celebrate. This year I have decided instead of being sad. Im going to try to remember all the fun things about him. All our fun memories growing up and have a happy celebration. It will be tough, but I think its time I start trying to be happy for my brother. I am sure that he is happy in Heaven and would not want me to waste his birthday being sad. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPENCER!!!! :)

(The smiley was added to show you I am trying the happy thing)

The Katy

Before our house was built, Steve and I were driving out to see it. We were on 2600 S. and had to stop for a train. This happens pretty frequently. As we are watching the train, this is what it looked like.

It was totally called "The Katy." Of course I was just so excited! I mean, how often do you see a train in your FAVORITE COLOR Red and with your name on it. What was even better is that the spelling of the name was just like mine. It's not very often that you find the spelling of Katy with a Y. I obviously get excited pretty easily over well, pretty much anything, but this just tipped the bucket. For a week or so after, I walked around pretending I was a train. Anytime anyone said anything to me, instead of talking I just responded with "choo choo" while bring my hand up and down in the "horn blowing" fashion. I even had someone ask me if I was named after the train. My response was of course I was! You see, the story is a long time ago my mother was running away from the mafia, and hopped a train. It saved her life. She was pregnant with me at the time and decided to name me after the train that saved her and my life. It just so happens to be that the train was named the most beautiful name ever. Katy. And we lived happily ever after.

OK so that didn't really happen. I didn't respond to everyone's questions with "choo choo" I did however, walk around super excited telling everyone that there is a pretty red train with my name on it. Oh, and my mother was not escaping from the I wasn't named after the train. But how cool of a story would that be if it were true.I would have loved to tell that one when I was little in class when the teachers would ask "who were you named after?"

That was the first and only time we have ever seen "The Katy" I like to think it was a sign. A sign telling me that we should be moving 'full speed ahead' with our life. That we should take chances, and to have no fear. And that we did, by buying our first house! I hope that if you ever come across this train you will think of me now :)

Friday, November 7, 2008

By the way...

I am currently being a Jazz "fan" right now. Whoop! Go Jazz


How is it that litterally almost every girl friend of mine is Pregnant? I'm very excited for them all, but still in awe! I am now the minority amongst my friends. Ok, that's all, thanks!

p.s I know, not all of you are I was just thinking about how awesome it is for all of you who are. Its just exciting times right now :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Utah Jazz

So, a lot of you will probably kill me for saying this but I have never been a Utah Jazz fan. I know, how sad. I mean, I live in Utah and love Basketball but could care less about the Jazz. Well, Steve is a big fan of the Jazz so I promised him this year I would get more into watching the Jazz and becoming a fan. I don't anticipate this being an easy task, especially when they play my teams Timberwolves and Spurs. I guess I can root for them too. The Jazz play tonight and are in their last quarter, with 53 seconds left. Jazz are up by three.. ahhh this is tense!! If the Jazz loose tonight, they will be 3-1..currently they are 3-0 but so are who they are playing, the Blazers. see, I did my research to see how my new favorite team is doing. That's how dedicated I am to becoming a fan!

and....THEY WIN! Jazz 103 Blazers 96

(Did that sound real?)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tagged! "Where were you?"

I've Been TAGGED!! "Where Were You?"

We were tagged by our friend Brittany and Todd!! Now we are to tell "where we've been", "where we are", and "where we will be". So here it goes:

20 years ago:Steve and I were both 4 years old turning 5 soon. Our birthdays are 6 days apart. Katy of course is older :) We were both in kindergarten and pretty much both being the most perfect children there could be. Just ask our parents :)

10 years ago: We were 14 years old, on our way to High School. We were both getting ready to drive, and date..and very excited to be entering into high school.. to us, it mean we were "mature adults" lol Katy was on the high school basketball team and playing softball as well. Steve was playing many sports as too.

5 years ago: We were 19 years old. Steve had just left for his mission to Brazil. I was working as the night supervisor at Naborhood Bakery, playing sports, dating and living life to it's fullest.I also had just started school at SLCC going into Special Education

3 years ago: We had both turned the big 21!! Steve was just returning home from serving the Lord. I was working for the University of Utah Credit Union and as a server at a local Mexican Restaurant. I was still going to school...but now for Occupational Therapy Assistant.

1 year ago:We were on our way to celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary. we were married December 12th 2006. This time last year we were moving out of our apartment to his grandfathers house to save money for our house we had just bought, that was in the process of being built. Steve had just started his job with Select health and I was going on 2 years with Select health, but moving on to a differnt department.

This year: This year has been an awesome year. Full of fun surprises, hard times and challenges, and achivements. We moved into our first home in April, in North Salt Lake. we absolutely love it out here. We are surrounded by amazing people and are proud of our investment we have made. Steve started school with Stevens Henager in Respiratory Therapy. It's makes the time I spend with him very little, but it will all be worth it in the end. He graduates April of 2010. Katy said goodbye to her Grandma, whom she was very close to. Also, Katy got a new job with Select Health in the Pharmacy department, and is now becoming a Pharmacy Tech to better her knowledge with her job. We are approaching our 2 year wedding anniversary and we are happily in love. Loving life.

yesterday: Yesterday was Sunday and Steve and I attended church, then came home and relaxed for a few hours before we went to Katy's Mom house for dinner. We had yummy Tortilla Soup and then came back home to just hang out and be together.

Today: We both went to work and Katy came home at 11. yay! its her early day! She then went to the Dr., worked out, made dinner, groccery shopped and prepared some meals for Steve to take for dinner during the week. Steve is of course at school until 10ish.

Next year: Next year? Well, we aren't really sure right now about next year. We are hoping Katy will be in good health for once, that we will both go far with our jobs and for world peace. hehe Katy's sister will be getting married in May, so we will at least be going on one vacation to St George. Katy's other sister will be having her 5th child. yay! We cant wait to have one more niecenephew. Not sure what it is yet.

Now we have to tag we are going to tag...Becky, Michelle, Rachel and David, and Melanie.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween and Birthdays!!


Happy Birthday to Michelley! We love you and hope your birthday is fantastic!!!
Sorry I stole this picture of you off your Blog :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Goal

So, I have been trying really hard lately to work out every day. So I did pretty well for the first couple weeks then It slowed down since I have been sick for the past 3 weeks it seems. I feel like I'm almost 100% better so I kicked my butt back in gear and Im proud to say 4 days in a row now that I have worked out. I feel so good about that. I go to the gym at our club house at night. I do cardio for 45 minutes then every other day I am doing weight training. After working out, I go home and jog for 10 minutes. Sometimes with the dogs, other times just alone. I do just 10 minutes just to push myself extra hard one last time for the night. I love jogging when the weather is how it is right now! By jogging just 10 minutes everynight, I have found that I can jog longer and longer each week. So far, I can jog for a straight 10 minutes. I know, I know that doesn't seem like that much, but after doing 45 minutes of cardio and working a long day and being out of shape like me, that's pretty dang good. I hope that I can loose this weight and my goal is to run at least a half marathon someday in the near future. I think that would be so awesome and so rewarding. Let's hope I can keep at it and make it to my goal! Any suggestions or advice or encouragement is welcomed and appreciated! soon I will post a before picture and then an after picture. I will be a whole new person, with the same rockin' personality ;)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

You sound like a man!

That would be the comment I get most often when I get Largengytis. Yep! I have it yet again this year! It's no fun! It just worse that I have a phone job, and can't really take any time off work! I got to work at 5 this morning and just got home. I am exhausted I look forward to

Eating some yummy Taco Soup! Mmm!

Cozying up by our wonderful fireplace....

and drinking some delicious hot chocolate...

The only thing missing is my husband. That's what I want most when Im sick!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Surgery Day!

Steve had surgery on his thigh today. We were so thrilled for this day to come. Steve has something called Blood Vessel Tumors in his thigh. He found these when he was around 12, after noticing that his leg would swell after playing basketball and doing other strenuous activites. Well, throughout the years he has had about 4 or 5 surgeries on his leg. The tumors are not cancerous, so thats a good thing. They are innertwined with his muscle, so much that they can not remove the actual tumors. Instead they go into his leg with a very, very long needle and inject alcohol into his veins to close them off. Making it so they don't swell up and cause pain anymore...well at least for 6 months to a year. Yep, in order to stay comfortable and out of pain he will need to continue to have this procedure done at least every 6 months to a year for the rest of his life. Luckily he is used to it, so he is ok with this fact. I on the other hand get nervous. Although it is not a serious procedure being done, the fact that he is put under general anesthesia makes me very nervous. Im so glad that it's over with for a little while now. Here are a few picture after his surgery. He has been a good sport to let me put them on here.

Steve Sleeping after being all drugged up

This is the leg he had done. It looks pretty normal in the picture but it actually was pretty swollena nd blue from the stuff they
put on his leg before the surgery. Im guessing to clean it

This is me being sad for my lover butt in pain

Ok, we just thought this was funny, before the surgery they said they were going to mark his feet. we were thinkin " um... its his leg not his feet that are being done." I guess the find his pulse and mark where it is so they can find it after. We just thought it was funny.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fun on a Sunday!

So Steve and I decided last month that we would get a small group together in our ward/neighborhood to have FHE on Sunday nights. We started at our house about 2 weeks ago and it was a great success. So great, that another couple, Todd and Brittany had it at their house last night. It is so much fun to have a short less and get to know new people. This week we met Adam and Emily ( last name? not sure) and Stacey with red hair. haha ok so I dont remember their names, but they were all great people. Definetly going to hang out with them all more. Here are a few things that I learned at last night's FHE;

*Im definelty not in shape for DDR (Dance Dance Revolution). If I did it everyday, It would kick my butt into shape, thats for sure!

*Always wrap the Wii controler around your wrist when playing Tennis or actually when playing anything.

*it's ok to look like an idiot when playing Wii, because everyone does! It actually makes it better.

*Where pants that wont fall down when jumping, bowling a ball, dancing, etc.

*Strectch before playing DDR or anything on Wii, I'm definlety very sore today.

*I think a purchase of Wii will be necessary sometime in the future. It was SO much fun!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Stuff about Me!!

8 T.V. Shows I love to watch:
1. Biggest Looser
2. Dont Forget the lyrics
3. So You Think You Can Dance
4. Gossip Girls
5. The Office
6. Ellen Degeneres
7. One Tree Hill

8 Favorite Resturants
2. Spaghetti Mammas
3. Dragon Hill
4. Rumbi
5. Firehouse Pizza
6. Morelias
7. Italian Village
8. Outback Steakhouse

8 things that happened yesterday
1. Did not eat all day long
2. Had and EGD
3. went to work WAY early
4. Ate chicen and rice my from my Mom
5. Slept
6. Slept
7. Ate a pice of cake
8. Slept some more

8 things I look forward to
1. Being a mom
2. Steve Finishing School
3. Friday's, its the only day I get to see Steve
4. Geting my Pharmacy Tech Certification
5. pay day
6. All my friends having cute babies
7. Thanksgiving
8. Hanging with my Mom

8 things I love about fall
1. Leaves changing color
2. family parties
3. Hot Chocolate
4. Jeans and Hoodies
5. warm food
6. Thanksgiving
7. Smell outside
8. the many holidays

8 things on my wish list
1. No debt
2. Baby
3. New Shoes
4. Finishing School
5. Pedicure
6. More Money
7. See my family more
8. More patience

Monday, October 6, 2008

I don't have a creative title for this blog

We had such a fun weekend. Friday night we went on a date. Saturday I had choir practice and then I spent the afternoon helping my Mom out with a few things. I then returned home to hang out with the In-Laws! We had a lot of fun! They took us to Sizzler. Which, was amazing as always! It gets better every time we go.. which really isn't that often so maybe that is why it's so good when we go, we miss is so much. After dinner they came over to play some games. We started with Scrabble. Im not so good at that game..but we all sure got a lot of laughs from my father in law, Brent. First of all.. he decided that if he added a 'Y' to any word on the board, it would make it a word. He tried it with Hedge. He swore it was a word, and so we looked it up. Yep, its definatly NOT a word. Lol Kathy (mom in law) put down the word we all know, book. He questioned wether that was a word or not. Oh Brent, could you be any more fun? We sure had a lot of laughs. Not only did the adults have fun playing but little Tucker sure got into the game with Daddy!

Steve almost won, I think Tucker was trying to cheat!
Lacey slept the whole time so she was not in any of the pictures.

Sunday I woke up to an amazing wonderful husband made me...

Belgian Waffles
They were amazing! I have such a sweet husband. We then spent the rest of the day laying around and watching conference. Conference was so refreshing and such a great way to end our wonderful weekend.