Thursday, January 27, 2011

4 Months

McKay had his 4 month dr. apt last Friday. The stat's are in. Drum roll please..........

16 and 1/2 lbs

27 Inches long ( but his leg wasn't stretched out all the way, so I think he is taller than that)

The Dr. showed us a chart at which he was at the average height and weight of a 7 month old. Its weird to me because he doesn't look that big, unless he is by another baby his age. Then I can tell how much bigger he really is.

He is really starting to chunk up, and I am lovin' it. He's still sporting the double chin (possibly tripple chin?) and his things and arms are getting rolls. I love chunky thighs, and so does Steve. hence why he married me ;)

Anyways..accomplishments this month?

he has OFFICIALLY found his voice, and lets us know it. He loves to scream and then smile right after to see what your reaction was. and if you scream back at him he think's it is a competition and screams even louder, accompanied by and even bigger smile. That is my favorite thing during the day when he wont nap.

Yes, on to naps. Not going to well. He is starting to not even want to nap on me, so instead when he is tired he just screams and cries. And not the good scream I was just talking about. No, this is the ear drum bursting, heart wrenching scream. That is NOT my favorite. Oh, but he is just so cute.

As of this morning, he has 2 bottom teeth. They haven't just poked their way through, they are fully emerging into the world. So now I know why he had such a runny nose, slight fever, and his sleep patterns have been messed up. Teething. At least I know he wasn't sick then. That was a worry of mine. Now that those 2 teeth are in, it's like it stopped the never ending drool fountain that flowed constantly from him. Now, I know that is only temporary, but at least I know that when it starts up again it means more teeth. I've been told that getting teeth at 4 months is pretty early. Usually they get them starting around 6 months. I guess McKay wants to speed through this baby time, just as quickly as his Momma does.

The poor thing is still battling with Acid Reflux, but its being maintained a lot better this month. we had him switched to Prevacid and added Rice Ceral to his bottles. Who knew that Rice Cereal could do so much for a baby with AR. I know that when I don't add the Rice, he throws up 10 times worse. we learned that the hard way.

This week he started holding his bottle when I feed him. He has a tight hold on it and pulls it in and out of his mouth... once it's completely out, he can't figure out the coordination to get it back in there, but he will soon, I'm sure of it. Along with holding the bottle he can hold pretty much any toy and then it is instantly in his mouth, if he can fit it in. If he can't he gets mad and throws it. How do I know he get's mad? Cause he is just like me, and has a certain " mad" look that you just can't hide.

The Dr. says we can start feeding him cereal and some baby food. I'm excited for this. I think he will really love eating other foods than formula. he already knows how to handle the spoon well becuase I was having to give him medicine from a spoon. Anytime one is even near him, you will find him with his mouth wide open. Runs in the family I guess.
It's been a rollercoaster 4 months, but I feeling it getting better each month. Which is fantastic news for me!
**Pictures to come of him at 4 months. I just need to locate my camera. **

Monday, January 17, 2011

McKay is napping right now. Napping in his crib.. not on his Mommy. This is amazing. I mean, it's only been 45 minutes so far, but that is still amazing. It only took us 5 days of screaming for him to learn that he had to soothe himself to sleep. So since the last part of last week and today he goes down barely fussing at all. I'm lovin' it! I was able to clean, get stuff ready for dinner tonight, schedule my church bldg for my calling, and now blog. What a perfect Monday. And since I am feeling good today, I thought I would make your Monday a little more perfect too just by sharing pictures of McKay. He is just so adorable!!

He tried a Bumbo at our friends house and seemed to really like it. (bottom picture) so we found one for him to keep on KSL and it sure is a life saver. I can get so much done now that he will sit up in that. I think it makes him feel more like us, adults.

he is old enough to be playing in a toy like this? Wow! Love it! Maybe this week he will stay in it longer than 10 minutes :)

My little Newsie! This is my favorite outfit of his right now. I just wish the hat fit him a little better.

Finally, I caught his smile on camera. It's a little blurry, but still melts my heart

Saturday, January 1, 2011

3 Months!

My little boy is 3 months old now. Well, technically it is on the 3rd, but who knows if I will have time to blog any time soon so I am doing it early.

Over the past month it has been so fun to see the changes happening. He smiles a whole lot. Mostly in the morning when he first wakes up and after he eats. He is laughing too. I used to have to work so hard to just get a tiny smile out of him and now he is smiling and laughing all the time. I love it. It certainly does make those hard days we still have, a lot easier when he is happy.

He has moved up to eating 6oz every 3 hours during the day, and at night we just feed him 6 oz when he wakes. Sometimes its every 3 hours, sometimes he goes 6 hours, and SOMETIMES like the past 3 nights he sleeps comepletely through the night until 9 am. YAY!! I am loving it. I don't know if its a change permanently (probably not) but I am hoping its a change at least for a few more nights. It's been so nice.

He is still not napping for me during the day. Actually, he will take small cat naps only if I am holding him. I can not put him down when he is asleep or he wakes up instantly. I wish I could get that figured out. It would be nice to have even just 1 nap during the day where he was sleeping in his crib just so I could feel productive.

McKay can roll over.. and has been able to since 2 weeks old. He loves to stand, with you hold him up of course, and sit. If he is laying flat on his back, he will always try to sit up and has accomplished just that several times this week. Seems weird to me for a 3 month old to be pulling themselves up and sitting up, but he does it. If I could figure out how to put a video on this thing, I would show you the proof. He is pretty amazing!

He weighs about 16lbs now and is no longer fitting in his 3-6 month clothes mostly due to his height which is 27-28inches now. Before too long he will need a new car seat.

McKay will copy me when I stick my tongue out, he is able to grab onto a few of his toys and when he plays on his mat, there is a zebra that hangs above him. He must not be too happy with him as he will stare the zebra down and then start hitting him over and over with his hands. It's actually pretty cute to watch.

We definetly can't leave him alone on his boppy on the couch or bed anymore as he scoots his legs and bum and could manage to fall off pretty easily, in a matter of seconds if we weren't watching. He loves to make us nervous.

McKay still has acid reflux pretty bad. He has been on Zantac for it, but is now taking Prevacid in addition to the Zantac and we added rice cereal to his bottles. They say that helps with the throwing up and it sure does. It has helped a lot this last week since we started using it. It's nice to not have to go through 5 outfits an hour.

He has his on and off weeks where some are more pleasant than others, but overall McKay at 3 months is a happy baby and I am really enjoying being a Mom to him.