Tuesday, March 27, 2012

18 Months

As im sitting here writting this, I'm hearing in the background, the cutest little voice saying "baby" and "bunnie" over and over again. I love my life.
McKay is 18 months next week. The past 6 months have gone so quickky. It sure has been fun. I am loving being home all day with him. Ever since his 15 month mark he is learning so much, so quickly. I'm trying to keep up with him. I think he learns a new word every day. So far, the words he can say
-ball, meow,woof woof, bunnie,baby, mamma, dadda, grandma, eyes, juice, snack, please, thank you, ding dong, this, there, here, fish, Isaac, no, stop, go, vroom (car noise), Jesus, silly, chicken, banana, stuck, up, down. teeth, and a few more ive spaced.
If you ask him, he can show you where his eyes, ears, hair, head, teeth, mouth, tongue, teeth, arms, nose, toes and knees are. He loves to be tickled and chased. he loves helping me cook and plays pretend cooking a lot, feeding me what he made.
McKay loves to jump like a frog and crawl like a dog. He loves dancing, music and pretending anything and everything is a microphone and sings in a adorable way.
He loves to kick and throw balls around. He loves to help sweep and mop, spit,give high fives and knuckles. His favorite things are balls and dogs. He's sort of obsessed with them already.
McKay loves to give hugs and kisses to anyone and any stuffed animal too. We are working on animal noises, but he can say Moo, Woof, Meow, Rar and wiggle his nose like a bunnie. He can full on blow his nose, and does it pretty much whenever it needs to be done, on his own. It's quite nice.
He is now in 3T in pretty much most of his clothes and quickly moving up. He has become more of a picky eater, and is definetly a texture person. Just like me.
McKay lights up the room, wherever he goes. People are drawn to him. He also gets that from me ;) He has a fun, spunky little personality, and it continues to become more fun each day. I couldn't have asked for a better little boy. What a blessing he is in our life.