Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I've fallen and I can't get up!

Litteraly! I fell and I couldn't get up...It was pretty awful. So here is the story.

Steve's car has been a pain in our butts as of lately. Everyday there is a new problem with it. Well, the past couple weeks it's been doing this really fun thing called not wanting to start for us. Yeah, I lied its actually not fun at all. We took the car to get the battery tested and they said the battery was fine, just low. So we spent our Friday night at Auto Zone (I know, how romantic right?) and got the battery charged. It started right up once we put it back in. Fantastic! We were thrilled to have it running again. Well, the next morning Steve couldn't start it again. So we are thinking at this point its the alternator. I know you are asking "Katy? What is the point of this story, it has nothing to do with fallin." I promise it does just bare with me. Alright, so Sunday night after a totally awesome party for our cute niece Lily we arrived home and it was snowing pretty bad so we thought it would be best for us to try to jump his car that was parked in the road so that the plows could get by. We pulled my car up beside his and popped the hoods. Where his car was it was directly in front of a really big snow bank that had just grown bigger with each snow fall, and never melted just got solid like ice. The only way to hook the cables up to the battery was for us to stand on the snow bank. So I had steve go start the other car and I stood on the tall snow bank to hook up the cables. Everything was great, it was holding me just fine..that is until I decided to walk on it to go and get in the car to start it. I took about 3 steps and fell through the snow and fell hard. It was like falling through sharp glass. The snow was so packed that is was so hard. I felt like I twisted both ankles and hurt my face as well. Steve rushed over to help me and quickly got me inside. I was right that it felt like glass because we took of my shoe to see that my foot was bleeding. It felt worse than it was. By this time it was 11pm and insta cares are closed and I wasnt about to pay 150$to go to the ER so I toughed it out, tossed and turned all night and the next day on my lunch break I went to the insta care to find out that I have a cracked shin bone and tonr ligaments and tendons in my left foot. YAY! That was sarcastic. We are supposed to be going to Tennesse on Thursday and I am not looking forward to wearing this beautiful black boot.

Isn't it so cute and stylish. Luckily I am very familiar with this boot, I have worn one several times with all the feet problems I have had throughout my life.
So moral of the story is unless you weigh maybe under oh I dunno, maybe 50 lbs dont stand on big snow hills. If you happen to not take my advice and get hurt just like me, I have a pretty boot you can borrow.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tennessee Here We Come!

I have not traveled much in my life. I have always wanted/and loved to travel, but never really had the time or money. Steve has a close friend who lives in Georgia and he is getting married this month. He wants Steve to be part of the weddingn which is fantastic new. We have known for a few months now that Steve would be going to the wedding but I thought there was no way that I would be able to go too. I found out yesterday that things worked out so I can go too. I'm so excited!! We leave on January 29th and return home that Sunday. Its not very long, but hey, we will be leaving Utah. We are going on an ACTUAL vacation. We definetly need it.

This is a picture of where we are going. His friend lives in Georgia but they choosing to get married in a small town in Tennesse called Gatlinburg. Its supposed to be a really romantic town. Even better :) who couldnt use a little romance especially when you dont see your husband much cause of school..

Unfortunately right now, we dont really get away from the snow, its about the same temperature except for the added humidity.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Body Worlds 3

Standing elbow to elbow with strangers, looking at dead bodies in strange poses doesn't sound that exciting but in fact it was and very worth it. This afternoon we had the chance to go with Steve's family to Body Worlds 3 at the library downtown. To be honest, I am not a big fan of museums but I must say I was pleasantly surprised, occasially grossed out and very amazed with what we saw. Yes, they are sliced and diced in a way that mirrors more of art than science. But you will leave the exhibit with a great understanding of the human body, and a desire to stop bad habits (like smoking) when you see what your organs look like.

As a woman with a desire to be a mother, I was drawn to the exhibit on pregnancy. I could see what an embryo and then fetus looked like from conception to birth. I caution you, it was mildly depressing, realizing that some mother had to lose each one of these babies in order for us to see them on display. But I decided to make it a learning experience and be greatful for the experience. I had no clue that at the end of 9 weeks you could actually see the eyes, each finger and toe and mouth. It makes me so excited to be a mother someday, I can't wait!

Did you know that they currently have 6800 living people who have willed their bodies to the program? Wow! I think that for those who love science, or want to live on in someway or another its the way to go. For me? I think I will stick to the other side of the glass. I really dont need millions of people staring at my body. I will pass on that one. After today, I now have a great appreciation for the human body and deeper desire to have abs like those bodies did.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Drawing a blank....

I am drawing a blank. I actually have nothing to blog about.. and I feel bad.I wish I had some news to share but I don't, at least not yet....