Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween and Birthdays!!


Happy Birthday to Michelley! We love you and hope your birthday is fantastic!!!
Sorry I stole this picture of you off your Blog :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Goal

So, I have been trying really hard lately to work out every day. So I did pretty well for the first couple weeks then It slowed down since I have been sick for the past 3 weeks it seems. I feel like I'm almost 100% better so I kicked my butt back in gear and Im proud to say 4 days in a row now that I have worked out. I feel so good about that. I go to the gym at our club house at night. I do cardio for 45 minutes then every other day I am doing weight training. After working out, I go home and jog for 10 minutes. Sometimes with the dogs, other times just alone. I do just 10 minutes just to push myself extra hard one last time for the night. I love jogging when the weather is how it is right now! By jogging just 10 minutes everynight, I have found that I can jog longer and longer each week. So far, I can jog for a straight 10 minutes. I know, I know that doesn't seem like that much, but after doing 45 minutes of cardio and working a long day and being out of shape like me, that's pretty dang good. I hope that I can loose this weight and my goal is to run at least a half marathon someday in the near future. I think that would be so awesome and so rewarding. Let's hope I can keep at it and make it to my goal! Any suggestions or advice or encouragement is welcomed and appreciated! soon I will post a before picture and then an after picture. I will be a whole new person, with the same rockin' personality ;)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

You sound like a man!

That would be the comment I get most often when I get Largengytis. Yep! I have it yet again this year! It's no fun! It just worse that I have a phone job, and can't really take any time off work! I got to work at 5 this morning and just got home. I am exhausted I look forward to

Eating some yummy Taco Soup! Mmm!

Cozying up by our wonderful fireplace....

and drinking some delicious hot chocolate...

The only thing missing is my husband. That's what I want most when Im sick!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Surgery Day!

Steve had surgery on his thigh today. We were so thrilled for this day to come. Steve has something called Blood Vessel Tumors in his thigh. He found these when he was around 12, after noticing that his leg would swell after playing basketball and doing other strenuous activites. Well, throughout the years he has had about 4 or 5 surgeries on his leg. The tumors are not cancerous, so thats a good thing. They are innertwined with his muscle, so much that they can not remove the actual tumors. Instead they go into his leg with a very, very long needle and inject alcohol into his veins to close them off. Making it so they don't swell up and cause pain anymore...well at least for 6 months to a year. Yep, in order to stay comfortable and out of pain he will need to continue to have this procedure done at least every 6 months to a year for the rest of his life. Luckily he is used to it, so he is ok with this fact. I on the other hand get nervous. Although it is not a serious procedure being done, the fact that he is put under general anesthesia makes me very nervous. Im so glad that it's over with for a little while now. Here are a few picture after his surgery. He has been a good sport to let me put them on here.

Steve Sleeping after being all drugged up

This is the leg he had done. It looks pretty normal in the picture but it actually was pretty swollena nd blue from the stuff they
put on his leg before the surgery. Im guessing to clean it

This is me being sad for my lover butt in pain

Ok, we just thought this was funny, before the surgery they said they were going to mark his feet. we were thinkin " um... its his leg not his feet that are being done." I guess the find his pulse and mark where it is so they can find it after. We just thought it was funny.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fun on a Sunday!

So Steve and I decided last month that we would get a small group together in our ward/neighborhood to have FHE on Sunday nights. We started at our house about 2 weeks ago and it was a great success. So great, that another couple, Todd and Brittany had it at their house last night. It is so much fun to have a short less and get to know new people. This week we met Adam and Emily ( last name? not sure) and Stacey with red hair. haha ok so I dont remember their names, but they were all great people. Definetly going to hang out with them all more. Here are a few things that I learned at last night's FHE;

*Im definelty not in shape for DDR (Dance Dance Revolution). If I did it everyday, It would kick my butt into shape, thats for sure!

*Always wrap the Wii controler around your wrist when playing Tennis or actually when playing anything.

*it's ok to look like an idiot when playing Wii, because everyone does! It actually makes it better.

*Where pants that wont fall down when jumping, bowling a ball, dancing, etc.

*Strectch before playing DDR or anything on Wii, I'm definlety very sore today.

*I think a purchase of Wii will be necessary sometime in the future. It was SO much fun!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Stuff about Me!!

8 T.V. Shows I love to watch:
1. Biggest Looser
2. Dont Forget the lyrics
3. So You Think You Can Dance
4. Gossip Girls
5. The Office
6. Ellen Degeneres
7. One Tree Hill

8 Favorite Resturants
2. Spaghetti Mammas
3. Dragon Hill
4. Rumbi
5. Firehouse Pizza
6. Morelias
7. Italian Village
8. Outback Steakhouse

8 things that happened yesterday
1. Did not eat all day long
2. Had and EGD
3. went to work WAY early
4. Ate chicen and rice my from my Mom
5. Slept
6. Slept
7. Ate a pice of cake
8. Slept some more

8 things I look forward to
1. Being a mom
2. Steve Finishing School
3. Friday's, its the only day I get to see Steve
4. Geting my Pharmacy Tech Certification
5. pay day
6. All my friends having cute babies
7. Thanksgiving
8. Hanging with my Mom

8 things I love about fall
1. Leaves changing color
2. family parties
3. Hot Chocolate
4. Jeans and Hoodies
5. warm food
6. Thanksgiving
7. Smell outside
8. the many holidays

8 things on my wish list
1. No debt
2. Baby
3. New Shoes
4. Finishing School
5. Pedicure
6. More Money
7. See my family more
8. More patience

Monday, October 6, 2008

I don't have a creative title for this blog

We had such a fun weekend. Friday night we went on a date. Saturday I had choir practice and then I spent the afternoon helping my Mom out with a few things. I then returned home to hang out with the In-Laws! We had a lot of fun! They took us to Sizzler. Which, was amazing as always! It gets better every time we go.. which really isn't that often so maybe that is why it's so good when we go, we miss is so much. After dinner they came over to play some games. We started with Scrabble. Im not so good at that game..but we all sure got a lot of laughs from my father in law, Brent. First of all.. he decided that if he added a 'Y' to any word on the board, it would make it a word. He tried it with Hedge. He swore it was a word, and so we looked it up. Yep, its definatly NOT a word. Lol Kathy (mom in law) put down the word we all know, book. He questioned wether that was a word or not. Oh Brent, could you be any more fun? We sure had a lot of laughs. Not only did the adults have fun playing but little Tucker sure got into the game with Daddy!

Steve almost won, I think Tucker was trying to cheat!
Lacey slept the whole time so she was not in any of the pictures.

Sunday I woke up to an amazing wonderful husband made me...

Belgian Waffles
They were amazing! I have such a sweet husband. We then spent the rest of the day laying around and watching conference. Conference was so refreshing and such a great way to end our wonderful weekend.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

All About The Wifey

1. Where did you meet? We were both tellers at the University of Utah Credit Union. I worked at the Sandy branch and she was at Jordan Valley. She quit a couple months after I started and went to work at LDS Hospital. Well, I got her number from another teller she was friends with, Sophia, but reluctant to be in another relationship, we only texted back and forth and left a couple messages on myspace for a month or two. Well one Sunday evening, we both had nothing to do and went for a walk at a nearby park in Holladay, (the same one I proposed at) and from there we just started hanging out a lot. A month or so later, I surprised her at work with lunch, and it was on that afternoon that we had the relationship talk and became a "couple" so to speak.

2. How long before you were married? We dated 4 months, then were engaged for 3 months, so 7 months!

3. How long have you been married? 1 year and 10 months

4. What does she do that surprises you? She's always thinking about me. And unlike me, she can keep surprises a secret... dang it! She's always planning something fun for us, or leaving me love notes in my car, on the bed, in my lunch, sending me cute texts. She's always putting me before herself.

5. What's your favorite feature about her? I love everything! Her smile, her eyes, her hair, her smooth skin, her laugh, her face when she gets excited, the way she dresses. I also love the voice she does when she's being all cutesy, although she's figured out that she can make me do anything for her when she uses a cute voice.

6. What's your favorite quality about her? I love how caring she is. It's great being married to your best friend. I love talking to her about anything and everything. I love how great she is with kids, and how great of a mother she's going to be someday to our children.

7. Does she have a nickname for you? Not really, just Steve. We both call each other "lover" sometimes. Especially when asking a favor.

8. What's her favorite color? Red

9. What's her favorite food? Chinese

10. What's her favorite sport? She likes most sports. Basketball, Softball, U of U Football, gymnastics.

11. Who said I love you first? I did. Well it was actually in Portuguese and through a text, but they say Portuguese is the language of romantics, plus I was a little nervous so I thought there'd be a possibility she wouldn't figure it what it meant, but as it just so happens, "te amo" has exactly the same meaning in Spanish and she has a Mexican friend. Busted!

12. When and where was your first kiss? June 2006 in her mother's basement, on our third date after a movie and long talk.

13. What's your favorite thing to do as a couple? We love movies, dining out, sporting events, playing cards (especially on boring Sunday afternoons), canyon drives (especially in fall), camping, and hanging out with our friends.

14. Do you have kids? How many? Nope. Hopefully once I finish school, but just 2 doggys for now.

15. What's a hidden talent she has? She's got an amazing voice, which she's now putting to use singing in a city choir that her sister directs, with the intention of trying out for the Utah Choir next year. She's also plays a mean game of softball, from her High school days.

16. How old is she? 24 years, 8 months.

17. What's her favorite type of music? She'd probably say Country, but she listens to everything from System of a Down, to 311 to musical soundtracks such as Wicked, Rent, and her latest... Mamma Mia.

18. What do you admire most about her? What a strong woman she is. She's taken the trials and challenges life has given her and become better and stronger. I admire her strength, faith, thoughtfulness, and love for her family and the lord.

19. What's her favorite past time? Humm... proabably watching So You Think You Can Dance, Don't Forget The Lyrics, America's Next Top Model, or The Hills. That's when I'm at school or inbetween keeping our home clean and decorated.

20. Do you think she's going to read this? I'm sure she'll see it at work tomorrow.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's That Time Again!

Its my favorite time of year. General Conference is just day's away !! Don't you just love how General Conference can be so personal. Without fail, I always have at least one of my prayers answered, just by watching the sessions. General Conference seems to always come just when we need it the most. I can't wait to spend the entire weekend in my PJ's, eating amazing breakfast food and watching conferece with my husband in the comfort of my home! Oh it will be a truly fabulous weekend.

As it approaches I have been thinking about what I want to learn. What do I want to take away from this conferece? I decided that this time I will do something new. It's called The Challenge. I have never done this before, even though I was given the Challenge as a Senior in High School. I guess, I never thought it was that important of a challenge until now. You take your questions and worries that you have, whatever they may be and write them down. As you watch conferece, your questions will be answered one by one. I'm excited to see how this turns out.