Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Check Up

We had another ultrasound today because our gender ultrasound 4 weeks ago, he was being very stubborn and they couldn't see everything they wanted. I was excited as the pictures we got last time were blurry and we didn't even get one showing what he was. Today we did! Its for sure a boy and we are so excited.

I am feeling him move more and more each day. Especially at night and after the ultrasound today he seemed pretty mad that we bugged him and he is still jumpin around in there. The best thing about today was that not only did I see and feel him move, Steve got to. He has been wanting to feel it for so long and finally he can. Its the best that he can share that with me now.
They said the baby is measuring almost 2 weeks ahead and weighs 2.5 lbs.. usually babies at 25 weeks weigh around 1.3 lbs so he is going to be a big boy.

For the past month my pants are fitting tighter and I just feel like I have gained weight. My Dr told me 4 weeks ago that this next apt. ( today ) would be when she would most likely see me gaining weight. It happens to everyone.. well I was able to prove her wrong. I have not gained a single lb yet. I know its sounds weird to brag about that, but I feel really good about it. My Dr. said straight off that it was OK to not gain weight for me... especially if the baby was growing well. So things are looking very good. I am so blessed to have had such a healthy pregnancy over all.

Oh and we have a name for the little one picked out. A blog will come soon with the name :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


We took what might be our last getaway before the baby last weekend and went to St. George. I bought tickets to the play of Tarzan at the Tuacahn a couple months ago. The play was good, it was definitely worth it, but I think Footloose & Annie last year were probably better. There was a cool breeze up until about the last musical number when it started raining. We listened to it as we walk out to our car before getting soaked. The amphitheater setting and the effects they do there make it really fun. Next year they're doing Wizard of Oz, Grease & Hairspray. We definitely plan on going to all 3.
We tried a restaurant Friday night call "Brick Oven" Pizza & Pasta and it was great food. We'll definitely be going back. I just learned that they actually have a Provo location too, but St. George is much more fun if you can find a reason to drive 3 more hours, do it! In fact, if you need a reason, here's one... Tuacahn! or The Outlet stores! We hit up The Children's Place and found a few things on sale for the baby. They have an awesome assortment of stuff on clearance in the $3-$6 range.
We went to a matinee movie and saw "Letters to Juliet." It was pretty entertaining romantic story. Definitely worth the matinee price.

Pictures coming soon....

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Do you ever get a comment on your blog that is a question? I am sure I have left one before, I almost did a few minutes ago. How do you handle those? Do you try to contact them personally? or do you leave your own comment on your own blog answering it? I never know how to handle it so I ignore the questions ha ha. I have always felt silly commenting back on my own blog post.

What do you do?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I am really no good at blogging lately. I was reading my old posts clear back to where I started and realized I need to blog more. So to start, this is my 2nd blog in 2 days. Woot! That is pretty good, although this wont be very length.

So while I was reading my old blogs I came across this picture

My two favorite boys in the entire world! I love this picture more than words can express.. and I can't wait until our little boy is here to join them.

Monday, June 7, 2010

4 Day Work Week!!

This weekend we are heading to sunny St. George for a much needed relaxing weekend. Which means even better.. only a 4 day work week for me! Steve surprised me with this trip and bought us tickets to see Tarzan at the Tuachan. I couldn't think of a better way to spend my weekend.

I mean, no better way to spend the weekend that in St George AND going to do a session at the St George Temple. I have never been there before and I can't wait.

I will probably spend most of the weekend in the pool at the Hilton since I can't stand the heat and especially now that I am pregnant the heat is even worse. So I better come home with a nice tan and something better to blog about :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Thank you for all your suggestions. It was very helpful! We started to register last weekend because we have a shower coming up in July. All your suggestions helped a TON!

See these below? Does anyone know how to make them? I have wanted to make something for him, but lets be honest.. I can't sew, so it needs to be something easy.. ( I think this looks easy) and they are adorable. I am guessing it probably requires a little sewing.. but I can learn.. maybe

I am also looking for other fun, EASY things I could make such as blankets, burp clothes, Bibs.. I dunno anything like that. Feel free to share or show me how :)