Friday, February 13, 2009

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday Caity!! I can't believe how long we have been friends. Time sure does fly when you are in good company.
I met Caity while working at Cottonwood Hospital about 7years ago. I was always intimidated by her at first before we became "Caity/Katy Squared" First of all she was gorgeous so that scared me and she had such a great sense of confidence. I dont remember how, but one day we became very close friends. I consider her one of my best. I have never met a person who cared so much about others. She is always putting other people before herself and you can ALWAYS count on her to compliment you on something and its usually something you would never expect.
Caity is also quite funny. Ok thats putting it lightly, she is right down HILLARIOUS! I can't help but leave with a stomach aching from laughing when I hang out with her.
Caity, you have been a great blessing in my life, and Im so thankful to have you! Happy birthday Girlfriend! (said with attitude while doing our Caity/Katy squared dance)now lets party!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Catching Up

I swear I didn't die. I just have been crazy busy since we got home from Tennessee. We had a lot of fun in Tennessee. We were in a little town called Gatlinburg. It was definetly a tourist town. Since we were only there for 3 days we did not get to do a lot of things. We did go to Hard Rock Cafe, 2 great steak house and spent a lot of time driving around in a TINY truck that neither Steve or I were fitting in very well. It was pretty funny actually.

Ok so there are a few random pictures above. One thing I thought was funny was in the Wedding dress shop they had signs all over, seriously, like every 2 inches there was a sign which read "under GRAMENTS must be worn at all times -the mang" I don't know why I think its so funny maybe because at first I thought "oh they just had a spelling error on that one I read" but then to see every sign reading that way just really made me laugh. Apparently that is the right way to say and spell it there in Tennessee.
Also the sign on the door when you walked was hillarious to me as well. "please dont bring your food, drink or trash in." hahaha trash? Never seen that one before. They must have people bringing in trash enough that they have to put that on their door.

While we were there we had the chance to go bowling at their community center. Here are a few action shots.

So on our way home from Tennessee we had our first flight leaving at 7:30 in the morning flying to detroit where we would then get another flight from detroit to Minnesotta then from there to SLC. Well as we started going on our first flight, and we picked up speed, I wil the fantastic luck I have, had a metal bar fall from the celing above my seat and land on my head. It hurt and gave me an instant headache. Well the flight attendant shouted into her walkie talkie "STOP THE PLANE" I was so embaressed as we sat there, delaying the flight becuase I had to fill out an incident report. We finally got on our way to detroit where we missed our connecting flight and I had to sit there in more embaressment as the EMT's checked me out. I knew I was fine, just had a headache. It was a long day, and I still cant get rid of the headache. Not the best experience flying.

So, since we have been back for almost 2 weeks Steve has been busy hard at work with School and I have been cleaning, planning lots of baby showers, and working a ton. I have a few more thing to blog about, that hopefully I will get to soon.