Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's what fun is

we are LOVING Summer at our house, even though it quite often means for later bed times than usual. But thats ok. Summer, its what fun is!

I am so bad at taking pictures of all the fun things we do, so in short in the past 2 weeks we have;

*Gone camping(x2)
*Seven Peaks
*Bonfire in the canyon
*lots of pool time
*lots of splash pad time
*Discovery Gateway(x2)
*The Zoo (x2)
*several play grounds
*Park time at least once a day
*Bee's game (x2)
*long walks up Mueller Canyon

And probably much more. We are busy bodys here. The minute McKay wakes up, after he asks for Daddy he runs to the front door and screams "buh bye" over and over.I can't say it enough, we love Summer!

1 comment:

Jess said...

Holy cow! You guys have been doing tons of stuff! You make me look like a boring mommy. hahaha When I finally have a husband again we seriously should do those things together... Zoo... canyon... camping... etc. It would be so fun! :)

P.S. Take pictures!!!! hahaha